A dairy industry with distinctions, continuing the family tradition, 
and offers a wide range of dairy products.

Hello, we are Kostas and
Dimitris Papakonstantinou 

We belong to the second generation of a business
opened by our father Nikos Papakonstantinou, 

In the early 50's continuing the family tradition of our grandparents
in Perivoli Sperchiados, one of the most privileged Greek areas.

Our products

«Erifi» goat’s soft cheese

A product with Patent for the original way of ripening of cheese mass (No.1006092) that has received numerous distinctions and awards from authoritative institutions. It is prepared from 100% goat’s milk and is shaped torso. Its appearance is fresh, with spreading texture, and slightly salted. Apart from the rich and creamy flavour, it delivers less fat (19%), cholesterol and calories, fewer carbohydrates and more calcium. Its important organoleptic characteristics due to the fact that goat’s milk is very similar to the breast milk, facilitate digestion and is antiallergic. The soft goat’s cheese <> is offered plain as an appetizer in various combinations of savory flavors, with dill, with pepper, with walnut, with sun-dried tomato and basil with garlic and parsley, flavored pesto (pine nuts, garlic, basil), or as accompaniment to wine in combinations of sweet flavors with dried fruits like apricot, plum, raisins and cinnamon, fig, krano.


4 Seasons

A hard mature cheese coming in a solid mass and covered in herbs and spices. Made from a mixture of goat’s and cow’s milk, this cheese has a pleasant aroma and a palette of four delicate tastes following the four seasons of the Greek earth, hence the names Cheimonas (Winter), Anoixi (Spring), Kalokeri (Summer), Fthinopero (Autumn). Eaten as a table cheese, it can be enjoyed that much more when consumed at room temperature. The full range is ideal accompanying wine and tsipouro (similar to ouzo) with a cold dish and fruit.

«Seliani» - Goat’s hard cheese with or without pepper

A kind of hard cheese with compact texture and pepper grains in its body. Prepared from 100% goat milk. When matured “it is caressed” with sea salt that in combination with the pepper grains contained, at the end results a kind of cheese with strong aromas and distinctive spicy flavor, which becomes richer, when it is “fried.”


Our facilities

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